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Who We Are

Frank Coale

Frank J. Coale, Professor. Dr. Coale’s Extension programs focus on fertility: Crop rotations for phytoremediation of phosphorus over-enriched soils; Field and on-farm evaluation of the environmental impact of phosphorus in soils amended with biosolids; Intensive Nutrient Management for Efficient Crop Production; and Development of Nutrient Management Planning and Environmental Risk Assessment Software.

Gary Felton

Gary K. Felton, Associate Professor and Water Quality Extension Specialist. Dr. Felton’s Extension programs focus on biosolids, urban nutrient management, poultry litter management, and composting

Reginal Harell

Reginal (Reggie) M. Harrell,
Professor of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences and Natural Resources Extension Specialist. Dr. Harrell's Extension programs involve environmental ethics, fisheries and natural resource management, use of native and ornamental aquatic plants for nutrient uptake and restoration, aquaculture and fisheries management especially with respect to stress mitigation andconservation and breeding genetics.

Patricia Steinhilber

Patricia Steinhilber, Faculty Associate. Dr. Steinhilber is the Program Coordinator for the Maryland Extension Agricultural Nutrient Management Program.
Richard Weismiller, Professor, Extension Soil and Water Resource Management Specialist and Associate Director, International Programs, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Dr. Weismiller’s Extension program focuses on sustainable nutrient management.


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