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ENST Plotter: Terms and Conditions

General: The Department of Environmental Science and Technology (ENST) has a HP Designjet 4500 color plotter located in Room 0471 of the Animal Science/Ag. Engineering Building. This plotter is to be used only for direct support of the ENST mission, including printing posters for departmental research, conferences, and marketing promotional material.

For posters to be presented at research meetings and conferences, up to one 1⁄2 size draft poster for review and comment prior to the conference, and up to one full size poster for presentation at the conference may be produced. Final posters will be printed at least one week prior to the start date of the conference. Final posters provided to staff after this date will not be printed by the Department and all costs for their printing will be the responsibility of the faculty member responsible for this project.

Realize that for meetings where large numbers of ENST personnel are presenting, it is your responsibility to plan ahead for production of the poster. It is suggested that you provide staff a nearly complete draft poster at least two weeks prior to the start date of the conference. This way staff can work out any formatting or technical problems with your poster. No staff member will be expected to work outside of normal working hours or on weekends to produce your poster on time. From time to time, technical problems with the printer occur. If this results in circumstances outside of your control regarding the one week time requirement, the ENST Chair will decide, on a case by case basis, if the Department will pay for poster printing by an alternative outlet.

Use of the plotter requires staff assistance. Our experience is that a minimum of one hour is required and often two to get an acceptable product. Therefore, it is best to plan for plotting during regular business hours Monday-Friday between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Remember that you are utilizing staff time, so please be considerate of the many requests for their time that they receive every day.

Design requirements:

  • The allowed maximum size of the document is 42 inches in either direction (length or width), therefore please do not exceed this size. The only accepted file fomats will be Powerpoint (.ppt) or PDF (.pdf).
  • Poster plotting should be planned ahead. Please coordinate with the staff at least 7 days prior to when you need the product. (Plotter can be out of order or servicing personal not available).

  • Please review your posters before submitting it for final printing. The staff can assist with final versions but does not have the time to be involved in last-minute re-arranging of content.

  • After you have submitted your request for printing, you will get an email stating where you can pick your printed poster.

  • This plotter is for departmental use only and more specifically, for research conference presentations or directly marketing the department. For student presentations, please use power point and projectors. We cannot afford to plot undergraduate student presentations for classes.

  • Staff printing out your poster may decline printing any poster, especially if it is deemed not meeting design guidelines or wasting departmental resources.


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