College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Environmental Science & Technology


ENST - Environmental Science and Technology

ENST100 - International Crop Production-Issues and Challenges in the 21st Century
ENST200 - Fundamentals of Soil Science

ENST214 - Introduction to Fish and Wildlife Sciences
ENST233 - Introduction to Environmental Health
ENST250 - Environmental Issues and Culture in USA and Russia
ENST281 - Computer Aided Design in Ecology

ENST301 - Field Soil Morphology I
ENST302 - Field Soil Morphology II
ENST303 - Field Soil Morphology III
ENST308 - Field Soil Morphology
ENST309 - Advanced Field Soil Morphology
ENST314 - Fisheries Management and Sustainability
ENST333 - Ecosystem Health and Protection
ENST334 - Environmental Toxicology
ENST360 - Ecosystem Ecology
ENST388 - Honors Thesis Research
ENST389 - Internship (requires pre-approval: complete ENST Internship Approval Form prior to registration)
ENST403 - Invasive Species Ecology
ENST404 - Natural Resource and Environmental Ethics
ENST405 - Energy and Environment
ENST406 - Applied Forestry Practices
ENST410 - Ecosystem Services: An Integrated Analysis
ENST411 - Principles of Soil Fertility
ENST414 - Soil Morphology, Genesis and Classification
ENST415 - Renewable Energy
ENST417 - Soil Physics and Hydrology
ENST421 - Soil Chemistry
ENST422 - Soil Microbial Ecology
ENST423 - Soil-Water Pollution
ENST424 - Field Study in Soil Morphology
ENST430 - Wetland Soils
ENST432 - Environmental Microbiology
ENST434 - Toxic Contaminants: Sources, Fate, and Effects
ENST436 - Emerging Environmental Threats
ENST440 - Crops, Soils and Civilization
ENST441 - Sustainable Agriculture
ENST445 - Ecological Risk Assessment
ENST450 - Wetland Ecology
ENST452 - Wetland Creation and Restoration
ENST460 - Principles of Wildlife Management
ENST461 - Urban Wildlife Management
ENST462 - Field Techniques in Wildlife Management
ENST472 - Capstone II
ENST481 - Ecological Design
ENST485 - Water Management in Urban Environment
ENST486 - Senior Professional Internship
ENST487 - Environmental Conflicts and Decision Making
ENST489 - Field Experience
ENST499 - Special Topics in Environmental Science and Technology

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